Car industry manufacturers are constantly under pressure to continuously improve their operations, as they face challenges such as increased demand for customer adaptations, ever shorter product life cycles, rapid technological development, tougher safety and environmental standards, and excess global production capacity.

Also the transformation journey to offer service concepts and solutions together with the traditional product offerings is something that has changed the business landscape during some time and that still is a challenge to master efficiently.

Going forward there are new opportunities to take into considerations, many driven by technology development, such as electrification and autonomous driving. This is something stakeholders in the industry currently are preparing for, taking position to secure revenue and profits for the future.




The focus of the heavy automotive industry is to constantly make their customers’ business more profitable by providing products and services supporting improved up-time, productivity, fuel-efficiency, safety and security.

A deep understanding of customers' business is therefore vital, and in many cases OEMs need to integrate their activities with customers’ core business operations. To meet the demand on up-time, the aftermarket structure and operations are extremely important. Different operators present different demands, where service needs to be local for some, and global for others.

At the same time, rapid electronics and software development opens up possibilities to increase customers’ business efficiency by e.g. optimizing logistics and influencing driver behavior, hence reducing transport time and fuel cost.


Triathlon's experts carry a long experience from working with OEMs and related suppliers with everything from product strategy, to development, to operations, to aftermarket sales. Our cross-functional and cross-industry expertise provides a complete perspective on decisions to be made, and the lessons learned from successful assignments provide valuable input to clients.

Examples of HOW WE SUPPORT

strategy development & alignment

  • Implement the process and governance of how to work with strategic planning and alignment
  • Implementation of tools to support PPM and resource management

R&D EFFICIENCY                      

  • Identification of value leavers and business case development
  • Implement methods and tools supporting technology and product development


Production Management     

  • Development of production strategies
  • Implement production concepts
  • Support production improvements


Sales & Aftermarket Management

  • Development of entry, acquisition and customer interaction strategies
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Dealer and Workshop optimization


  • Development of life cycle strategies
  • Business model development
  • Aftermarket and service management


Automotive insigths




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