Finance & IT.


In finance, Triathlon advices clients on how to continuously improve financial performance.

Business Due Diligence 
- Identifying merger potentials
The globalized M&A arena has increased deal competition making it central to find the right business lever potentials, beside legal and financial audits that drive value-added expansion. In this, Triathlon helps its clients identify value creating opportunities on both a strategic and operational level.

Post-Merger Integration 
- Realizing merger potentials

Mergers are set on delivering value through a combination of sales growth, improved margins and higher capital efficiency. However, studies show most mergers fail in creating value. Triathlon has a long history of realizing integration value through strategic, operational and financial synergies.

Financial management
- Improving financial performance
To implement operational strategies, financial performance reporting is critical. Triathlon supports its clients in setting up value creating reporting processes with distinct measures, and in driving specific initiatives to improve performance.

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In IT, Triathlon advices clients on how to reach business objectives and potentials using IT.

Strategy & Governance
- Reaching objectives through IT
IT impacts all critical business operations, making it one of the most complex areas to manage. To achieve a value generating Business-IT interaction; accountability and control towers are key. Triathlon supports clients in connecting IT management with business strategy and governance.

Transformation management
- Realizing business potentials
Studies show that up to 70% of IT-projects fail in meeting plans and/or in creating value. To increase quality & speed, process based business 

requirements, need to be defined. Triathlon supports with business cases and implementation based on true needs, achieving better return on investments.

Spend management
- Improving IT cost performance
IT spend is approaching 2-4% of revenues. To continue to invest, companies need to increase efficiency in maintenance & operations. Triathlon supports clients in reducing IT spend through cost driver identification, spend vs. value analysis and use of competitive sourcing.