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Product & Innovation Management (PIM) consist of three main areas in which Triathlon has substantial experience:

Strategy Development  and Alignment, which deals with how an organization develops strategic plans, and ensures corporate cross-functional coordination to maximize results from all parts of its operations.

Technology and innovation management, which deals with how an organization can broaden its idea-funnel, and how to develop and make use of new technologies and concepts.

Product & Innovation Management

Project delivery management, which deals with how to secure R&D performance over time and having appropriate development models; support of project management execution and governance to secure intended end-results.

In each of the core areas of the PIM practice, Triathlon offers world class methods and tools, strengthened by case experiences from some of the most competitive companies in the world.

Practice Area Contact

For inquiries regarding PIM practice, please contact

Anders Sundbye, Senior Partner
Phone: +46 703 18 68 99

Peter Bengtsson, Junior Partner
Phone: +46 709 41 77 22