Sales & Aftermarket.

Sales & Aftermarket is a key area to achieve company objectives. Triathlon supports clients in gaining competitive advantage by unlocking the full potential of the company’s Sales & Aftermarket resources.

The Sales & Aftermarket area has obtained increased attention from top management due to the large opportunity for increased turnover and profit. Our clients are at the same time facing several challenges in the fierce competitive environment and changes in customer behavior.

Understand customers’ needs
It is increasingly challenging to reach a long term competitive advantage in today’s dynamic environment. Triathlon supports our clients with gaining a deeper understanding of their customers and how to flourish on the market.

Customize total offers and identify the right sales channels 
The competitive climate, with high risk of price wars, requires capabilities in exploring market potential and new revenue streams. Downstream opportunities, such as extended and bundled offers, can to a large extent improve profitability.

Ensure efficient organization, processes and tools
By improving efficiency and simplifying management control, Triathlon supports clients in reaching a customer-oriented organization that fulfills their company objectives.

In close collaboration with the client, Triathlon defines and implements changes in strategy, organization, processes, and control structure to create sustainable advantages. Our approach has generated business value for organizations all over the world across our key industries.

Practice Area Contact

For inquiries regarding Sales & Aftermarket practice, please contact

Anders Sundbye, Senior Partner
Phone: +46 703 18 68 99
Phone: +46 31 704 12 90