success stories.

#1 Efficiency increased

Client: Industrial equipment manufacturer experiencing inefficiencies in the product development process, causing long lead-time, rising costs and extensive waste in production.

Result: By implementing synergies of global product integration, levering efficiency from new processes and phase out legacy IT systems, the Triathlon team realized operational improvements worth 25% in annual savings.

#2 Product cost reduced

Client: Commercial vehicle manufacturer with escalating product cost due to poor product portfolio management and mismatch between features and market demand.

Result: The Triathlon team evaluated suppliers in order to reduce direct cost. In parallel a portfolio management program was performed to match product features with customer preferences in order to reduce the large number of variants. By adjustment of the product offering, focusing on profitable products and best suppliers, Triathlon realized annual cost savings by 20%.

Sucess stories

#3 Quality Improved

Client: Industrial equipment manufacturer with quality issues, affecting customer satisfaction and profitability.

Result: The Triathlon team managed a quality task force with the objective to lower the fault frequency for new product introductions. A new organizational set-up and work methods were established. The average number of claims during warranty period (per product) were reduced by 40%, within the first 7 months, with substantial impact on profitability.

Our Practice Areas

Triathlon offers professional services and expertise in industries such as manufacturers/automotive, defense/telecom, offshore/ shipping and life science/ healthcare, within five practice areas:

  • Product Innovation
  • Sales & Aftermarket
  • Supply Chain
  • Production
  • Finance & IT


To find out more about Triathlon’s Practice areas, visit our Practice area pages.