Disruption in the automotive industry

25 Oct, 2017

Within the automotive industry four major developments are emerging. Automakers are becoming service providers, autonomous vehicles are no longer a futu­ristic vision, vehicles utilize connectivity and electric cars have become commerci­ally available. Triathlon gathers these changes under the name SpACE; Service provider, Autonomous, Connectivity and Electromobility. The convergence of these developments will disrupt the automotive industry.

In this newsletter, Triathlon describes how the development of SpACE will have major impact on the automo­tive industry but will also affect consumers, society and many other industries. For example, automotive manufacturers must develop new revenue streams due to less vehicles sold, consumers will no longer own cars and the society will be impacted by declining oil demand.

Want to find out more about how SpACE will affect automotive manufacturers, consumers and the society? Click here…

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