Commercialization in early stage companies


taking off successfully


New venture creation is considered to be a key factor to national economic growth. Unfortunately, most ideas never reach commercial success; statistics show that 75 percent of new ventures fail to achieve return on investment. This dull figure implies that running a startup is difficult and highly risky, with unfavorable odds for entrepreneurs and investors. Access to global markets turns many startups into global players from the start, facing the challenge of how to scale internationally and build an organization for growth in a highly dynamic environment. 



How we support in The commercialization process



Evaluation of market needs including assessment of market size and key dynamics. Triathlon supports in identifying key stakeholders and key requirements that need to be met in order to successfully sell the product or service.


Top-line growth

Development of overall business strategy for sustainable international growth and associated actionable business plan. Including a scalable business model with strategy for e.g. licensing, partnerships, and M&As.



Definition of product offer, target segment, positioning and pricing based on analysis of customer segmentation and analysis of current market structures. Selection of distribution channels and geographic coverage.


Opportunity assessment

Supporting incubators and investors in assessing investment candidates or portfolio companies. An external analysis is made to verify the business potential and to identify key challenges and risks. A second opinion can be provided through Triathlon’s industry experts.




Supporting clients from analysis of capital need, valuation and definition of financing strategy, to development of investment memorandum and grant proposals for soft funding. Triathlon also provides strategic and operative support throughout the IPO process.




Screening and prioritization of potential business partners, customers or suppliers . Triathlon does also support in partner interaction and preparation for meetings.



way of working

Process mapping and analysis to define standardized way of working based on internal or external best practice. Support in training activities and creation of process descriptions to build an organization for growth.



triathlon insights


Navigating in the unknown sea of venture creation

The newsletter aims at providing an introduction to the main difference between a startup and an established company, the implications of this difference, and why new venture creation can be such a challenging endeavor. The newsletter concludes by presenting five key principles for how to increase the chances of turning startups into successful companies and make the journey less risky.

Case: International expansion

U.S. Growth strategy for medtech firm

A Swedish medtech company wanted to expand to the U.S. market but needed support for how to manage tough FDA requirements and best approach the market. Triathlon supported the client by first creating a U.S. business model and expansion plan based on U.S. specific conditions. The operative implementation of the plan was then led by Triathlon with tight collaboration with the client. The results: FDA-approval and operations now up and running at leading hospitals.

Case: New business partnerships


Triathlon assisted a telecom startup to expand into the automotive industry, utilizing our cross-industry network of contacts to initiate a long-term business partnership. By setting up workshops with key persons and performing customer interviews, we identified several business opportunities and connected the client’s current technology to the automotive industry's specific requirements.

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