taking the right action


Society today faces a broader spectrum of asymmetric threats such as terrorist attacks and cyber warfare performed by individuals or small groups. Complex interdependencies both between and within nation states make it difficult to build situation awareness and to take action. In addition, the internet has brought a new battle ground, with disinformation being spread through social networks. New innovative solutions that combine cutting edge technology within multiple areas with application specific knowledge are being sought to address these challenges.

At the same time, the industry faces demands for significantly shorter delivery times and development cycles. Project execution becomes vital to stay in the lead and gain business. Being able to implement new solutions throughout the product life cycle becomes essential to retain a competitive product offering. Triathlon support the defence and public security industry with finding new models of operation and business, both within product development and delivery.  





Market development

Triathlon supports clients in market discovery, identifying new market opportunities for cutting edge defence technology, and developing business models around the integration of commercial solutions in military contexts.




Product development

Implement new tools and ways of working to shorten development lead times. Support in creating product development oversight and control. Support clients in developing product planning practices that align product development with business objectives.



Operations & finance

Help clients set up efficient management structures and processes to execute on large scale projects. Perform lead time reduction initiatives targeting all areas within the supply chain structure. Create financial transparence and coherence for accurate project follow-up and decision making.





Recent case studies

Business development


An incumbent provider of military Command & Control systems had the goal of generating new export revenue streams within the Public Security area. Airport Security was identified as a major opportunity where the company’s existing system components could be combined with cutting edge commercial products.

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