Transforming organizations towards the digital era

The world is becoming increasingly digital and connected, which brings forward new opportunities and threats to organizations and their way of creating value. The recent rise of new disruptive technological innovations, such as additive manufacturing, virtual reality, cloud technology and big data analytics, will enable new revolutionary business models to address customer needs and new ways to increase operational efficiency.

 Ultimately, the purpose of the digital transformation is to enable top line growth or improve the bottom line results:


Top line growth


  • Grow demand and sales of existing products through enhanced user-experience and added smart features
  • Design products fully customized for the specific user needs and manufactured on demand in batch size 1
  • Sell new services based on data collected through smart features, either to existing or new customers
  • Create new products and business models through combination of smart products and services


Bottom line results


  • Optimize supply chain planning and execution through analysis and real-time information
  • Increase efficiency in manufacturing through IT-supported collaboration, automation and analytics
  • Increase efficiency in R&D and industrialization through IT-supported collaboration and the use of simulation, virtual modeling and additive manufacturing
  • Increase service & maintenance efficiency through  analytics and provision of virtual support to technicians


In this rapidly changing environment it is essential for organizations to secure knowledge about digitalization and understand how digital technologies can have a positive impact on their business. The knowledge is essential to understand when and how to act in order to stay competitive over time. Triathlon Group supports our clients in this journey with our expertise within digitalization and Industry 4.0, combined with our extensive knowledge about specific industries, development of strategies and change management.



HOW WE SUPPORT in Your Digital transformation

Create awareness & attention

  • Increase knowledge about current trends relevant to your organization
  • Put the digital transformation on your organizations' agenda
  • Identify opportunities and threats related to your industry
  • Identify the effects of digital transformation from both a product and operations perspective

Define vision & Goals

  • Demonstrate how your organization can benefit from identified opportunities, both in terms of business case and soft values
  • Create and anchor a vision for the digital transformation
  • Set a direction and goal for the organization based on the vision



Create IMPLEMENTATION plan & get moving

  • Based on as-is analysis and wanted position, define an overall implementation plan
  • Anchor and define improvement initiatives
  • Facilitate potential pilot projects
  • Establish structure and governance to manage the digital transformation


Digital transformation Insights


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