A traditional industry in transformation


Forest products producers are searching for new applications as printed paper is in decline, following the increased digitalization of information. Hygiene products have been a major driver of growth during the past decades with the result that major forestry companies have been transformed into consumer goods enterprises. The usage of wood as a building materials is experiencing a revival and the viability of large, wood based constructions has been demonstrated.

At the same time, new areas of application have emerged such as using fabrics made from wood fibers as a green alternative to cotton, converting timber into bio-fuels and creating high tech materials to be used in everything from consumer electronics to body armor.



How we support within the Forest industry

Triathlon supports forest products companies in improving their operations in this changing business environment and moving in new strategic directions. Our experts approach challenges in early stage innovation, as well as during consolidation in more mature businesses.


Product differentiation

Support with identifying, evaluating and implementing initiatives to differentiate products and move away from the commodity segment


Top-line growth

Development of overall business strategy for sustainable international growth and associated actionable business plans. Including strategy for production changes and M&As.



Supporting clients from analysis of capital need, definition of financing strategy and valuation to development of investment material and writing grant proposals for soft funding.



Definition of product offer, positioning and pricing based on analysis of current reimbursement structures and customer segmentation. Selection of distribution channels and geographic coverage.




Support clients within sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain. For instance, we help clients apply lean process improvements, increase saw yield and support in footprint decisions.




Screening and prioritization of potential business partners, customers, suppliers or M&A candidates. Triathlon does also support in partner interaction and preparation for meetings.



Analysis of potential and quantification of business value from new digital technologies. We do also support clients with planning and execution of implementation initiatives.



Recent case studies

R&D improvements

New approaches for a Research institute

A commercial research organization were looking for new ways to service the forest industry with research and development expertise and at the same time grow it’s revenues. Triathlon worked with a number of large forest corporations to benchmark how and how closely they worked with external institutes. The study identified large opportunities in the ongoing technology shift. However the research institute needed to become more customer-oriented and also more effective in helping the industry identify key new opportunities and projects.

Industry best practice

Study to identify Industry best practices

A Swedish forestry company struggled with declining profitability and needed to identify possible mitigations. Triathlon supported by performing an industry benchmark to identify key success factors within sourcing, production, sales, staff and governance. Based on the benchmark findings, a number of actionable recommendations were made to help the client return to sustainable profitability.

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