Life Science



Improving health

Life science is more important than ever. An aging population, the rapid rise of chronic diseases, antibiotic resistance and pandemics create pressure on the world’s health authorities. This calls for innovation.

The life science industry is currently going through a major transformation. From a situation of high profitability and growth during the past decades, the industry is now facing a decline in margins and increased competition. At the same time, new disruptive technologies, increased therapy individualization and access to sensor-generated big data generated create new unprecedented opportunities to change the way healthcare is delivered.




Smarter Life Science Support


01. we know life science

100+ life science engagements
Experienced experts with successful life science careers


02. Unique team setup

Young and driven professionals teamed with senior experts
Extensive industry know-how and access to large network

03. Action-oriented

We do not only advise, we actually make things happen
Hands-on plans, operative capacity and close support



How we support within Life Science






  • Verify unmet medical need
  • Assess market size and key dynamics
  • Identify key stakeholders and requirements



Top-line growth

  • Develop strategy & action plans for growth
  • Define scalable business model
  • M&As and post-merger integration




  • Analyze capital need and develop financing strategy
  • Develop pitch material and support in fundraising
  • Complete and submit funding applications




  • Analysis of reimbursement structures
  • Outlining product offer, positioning and pricing
  • Select distribution channels and market presence







  • Manufacturing, supply chain and change control
  • Optimize supply chain footprint and supplier setup
  • Apply lean process improvements and Industry 4.0



  • Define design control plan for medical device
  • Create clinical verification and validation plan 
  • Develop pharma production strategy (API, CMO)




  • Define partner screening criteria
  • Identify and prioritize potential partners
  • Support in partner interactions




  • Understand true stakeholder needs and value
  • Develop new digital business model that delivers new value
  • Conduct UX-testing






Recent case studies

Market verification

Analyze potential for new digital solution

New digital solutions offers promising opportunities to improve the management of chronic diseases. A pharma company needed to assess the value for new digital solution before starting development. Triathlon utilized a two-way approach combining interviews with key stakeholders (patients, providers and payers) with external data analysis. By doing this, Triathlon could identify and prioritize stakeholder needs and assess the potential to deliver true value via digital tools.

International expansion

U.S. Growth strategy for medtech firm

A Swedish medtech company wanted to expand to the U.S. market but needed support for how to manage tough FDA requirements and best approach the market. Triathlon supported the client by first creating a U.S. business model and expansion plan based on U.S. specific conditions. The operative implementation of the plan was then led by Triathlon with tight collaboration with the client. The results: FDA-approval and operations now up and running at leading hospitals.

Medtech manufacturing

Improving production efficiency and quality

A leading medtech manufacturer was challenged by product quality issues and delivery disruptions resulting in operating loss and decreased customer trust. After throughly analysis of the production site, a road map with key initatives was delivered for how to reach manufacturing excellence. By implenting the proposed road-map, service level was increased from 80 % to 99 %, lead time was reduced from 14 to 5 days and scrap levels were cut by half.

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