While covering over seventy percent of the Earth's surface, our planet's oceans represents a fantastic opportunity to meet many of today's global societal challenges. Given that the global population is expected to reach nine billion by 2050 combined with a general increase in living standards, few would dispute the need for new innovative approaches for sustainable production of food, energy, and materials without jeopardizing the environment.

Recently, there has been an increasing interest in the opportunities that the oceans offer. New innovative approaches and technologies are currently being tested around the world. Triathlon supports this work and helps innovators and companies within the marine sector to develop new existing concepts and create a commercially viable businesses.



71 %
of the Earth's surface is covered by water*
*National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration




Recent case studies

Market analysis

New protein source to feed a growing population

A university group had discovered an opportunity to use marine yeast strains as a protein rich biomass. By interviewing key stakeholders combined with external data search, four main customer segments were identified by Triathlon. The segments were ranked based on market size and market needs & prerequisities. The market analysis was later used to secure funding and development is now ongoing.

Business plan development

Make the case for a Marine Biotechnology institute

A research institute had developed a new concept for a marine biotechnology research and business park. However, a clear strategy and hands-on business plan were needed to receive funding. Triathlon analyzed the feasibility of the concept and developed a business plan showing break-even within seven years. The strategy and plan were presented for the government resulted in an increase by 75 % in funding to boost the initiative.


Securing financing for a renewable energy start-up

A Swedish startup had developed a truly innovative concept to cultivate a marine biomass for biogas production. The concept had been verified in a small scale environment and the next step was to perform full-scale demonstration project. Triathlon supported the startup to identify suitable sources a funding and develop the funding applications, including analysis of key parts of the business model. At the end, the project was granted EUR 2.5 million by EIT and the Swedish Energy Agency.

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