The demand for public sector services is growing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. There is an aging population which requires more hospital and elderly care. At the same time increased freedom of choice and economic wealth is driving up expectations on education, public infrastructure and standard of living. This puts public sector operations in a challenging situation. They must grow and improve service quality, while at the same time reduce costs, as tax revenue is not keeping pace with service demand.

The challenge is to work more efficiently, while not impacting quality. This requires new tools and measures specifically developed for the public sector. In comparison to the private sector, profitability is not a figure of merit and methods developed in industry therefore needs to be adapted to a public sector context.



How we support within the PUBLIC Sector



ANalysis, expertise and advice

  • Performing market analysis
  • Expert opinion and knowledge sharing


STRATEGY and operational control

  • Creating strategies and transforming them into action plans
  • Cost and profitability analysis


Process and organizational control

  • Process mapping
  • Efficiency analysis


Improvement and process support

  • Realizing improvement initiatives
  • Operational support



Recent case studies

Regional analysis

MARKET ANALYSIS FOR regional life science cluster

Triathlon has together with ISEA and Sahlgrenska Science Park recently conducted a study on the regional Life Science cluster in West Sweden. The study shows that West Life Science represents one of Scandinavia’s leading and most dynamic life science clusters, characterized by a long industrial tradition of building successful enterprises that have created substantial value. A well developed ICT-sector enables unique growth opportunities in digital health.

Organizational improvement

developing a new governance structure.

The client, a regional public transportation service provider, was in a transition from operating out of separate legal entities to a unified organization based around a number of core business units and common support functions. Triathlon defined detailed improvement measures and a new governance framework was developed and later implemented by the organization.

Innovation management

Defining a new innovation system

A county council in Sweden had identified the potential in creating a unified innovation system throughout the healthcare sector in the region. The objective was to determine how such an innovation system would be organized to reach maximum efficiency and also define a way for implementation. Triathlon's report supported decision makers and led to the implementation of an innovation system within the region’s healthcare sector.

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