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In today’s global competitive environment, increased cost efficiency is vital for the survival of any company. Cost efficiency can be obtained by a
number of different initiatives within the area of sourcing e.g. outsourcing, raw material analyses or implementing spend-management programs. Companies who lack the ability to adapt to changing market conditions will be faced with higher costs than their competitors and thereby expose themselves to the risk of decreasing margins.

Triathlon has long experience in supporting clients with sourcing related challenges in a wide variety of industries.



How we support within sourcing


Purchasing strategy

Reach business targets set by top-management by improving quality, delivery and cost are common challenges. Triathlon can support you in creating strategies based on business targets and transforming them into action plans.


Category management

Sourcing organizations have a high pressure to realize yearly savings targets, which means e.g. participating in supplier volume benefits. Triathlon knows how to make category management work & find a setup that meets the conditions for success.


Direct & indirect spend - cost reduction

Fierce competition in today’s markets requires efficient operations to ensure profitable sales. Triathlon can support its clients with setting up cost reduction programs for direct & indirect spend by analysing targets, building business cases, and planning for implementation.


Total cost of ownership

Taking into account the total cost of ownership is key to make a successful purchase decision, but there is no standard approach and many challenges must be overcome. Triathlon can help clients achieve a remaining competitive advantage by understanding the true cost beyond price.


Corporate social responsibility

Of course, you are considering social, environmental, ethical, and consumer-related factors when purchasing from suppliers – but do you do it systematically and can you show it? Triathlon helps you set the pre-requisites for CSR, establish the purchasing CSR setup, and increase your purchasing CSR maturity.


Supplier quality

Supplier Quality Assurance & Development (SQA/SQD) is necessary to be competitive and avoid supply chain risks. Triathlon has deep knowledge in the SQA/SQD tools used by best in class companies. We developing the tools and processes you need based on internal good practice and external best practice.


Purchasing trainings

Abilities and tools are distributed and knowledge varies among purchasers. Results depend on individuals and strategies become blunt over time. Triathlon has a structured method for assessing the way of working with negotiations and can support you with hands-on negotiation training including exercises and role play tailored after your business.


Raw material analyses

Raw material purchasing has gained increased strategic importance. This is due to increased price volatility for a majority of the raw materials. As well as an increased need to manage price fluctuations more frequently. Triathlon can support you with raw material sensitivity and cost break-down analysis.

We also develop a quarterly Raw Material Watch. Read more >>



Sourcing Insights




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