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The strive for continuous improvement

Industrial companies constantly face production and logistics challenges in terms of addressing local market requirements, low cost competition and fluctuating customer demands. To respond to these challenges and secure profitable growth, new plants and partnerships are often required - and most importantly; improved performance in the existing footprint.



How we support within supply chain & operations


Triathlon assists clients in addressing supply chain and operations related challenges and opportunities on both strategic and operational levels. Utilizing our vast knowledge and experience, we can deliver lasting results ranging from footprint strategies to production site transformations and operational efficiency improvements.

supply chain & Operations Strategy

Make or buy

The decision to make or buy a component affects many aspects beyond cost such as quality, delivery times and know-how. Triathlon supports with making a thorough analysis, evaluating costs, benefits, risks and opportunities to enable informed decision-making.



Increasing demands on delivery times and cost-reduction pressure manufacturers to revise their footprint to secure an efficient supply. Triathlon supports with making the analysis on where to locate production to obtain an efficient supply chain, to profit from local opportunities and to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.


Operations philosophy

The foundation of efficient operations is an operations philosophy, often based on Lean principles, which sets the goals and ambitions. Triathlon supports with defining a production system best suited for your organization and helps your organization to drive implementation towards the wanted position.


Distribution strategy

Logistics structures have often grown over time without holistic optimization. Triathlon can guide your distribution strategy development and implementation from analysis of status quo, via target setting and analysis of solution alternatives to solution planning and implementation.


Supply chain segmentation

To succeed in the market, supply chain performance and cost must fit the customer requirements. Triathlon knows the enablers that need to be in place to manage supply chain segments successfully. We will assess where you stand today and what needs to be done to implement a segmented approach.

supply chain & Operations Implementation

Site set up

Factory site set ups to enable new production, or site transformations to introduce global best practices, are becoming more common and challenging given the increasing complexity of production systems. Triathlon supports with identifying scope, defining transformation plans and leading the change.


Insourcing & outsourcing

During execution of an insourcing or outsourcing decision it is often difficult to secure running production without affecting quality and delivery precision. Triathlon supports with leading the relocation initiative and securing deliveries from the new site. This includes finding suppliers or securing in-house capacity, setting up new production flows and transferring know-how.


Phase-in & phase-out of products

The product portfolio of a company will change over time as new technologies emerge and market demands shift. A product introduction will require ramp-up and new production flows, while a product phase-out may need building of buffer stocks and customer communication. Triathlon supports with analysis and execution of a phase-in or phase-out decision.


OptimizE material & information flow

A pull-based material and information flow is key to optimize operations. Triathlon supports with conducting Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to identify improvement areas, as well as leading the implementation of identified and prioritized improvement initiatives.


Process & IT harmonization

Harmonization of process and IT systems across sites is on many global manufacturers' agendas. Triathlon supports with identifying global best practices as well as securing implementation and phasing out local legacy systems.

Industry 4.0


To fully understand the current situation, the organization needs to be analyzed. Based on industry know-how, trends and the as-is position of the own organization, Triathlon supports with identifying and describing future opportunities and threats and how these relate to digitalization and Industry 4.0.



Based on opportunities and threats, a wanted future position of the organization needs to be defined and how that can be supported by elements of Industry 4.0 and relevant technologies. Triathlon supports with driving development of strategy within Industry 4.0, leveraging on identified opportunities.



Driving implementation of the defined strategy for how to benefit from and move towards the defined Industry 4.0 wanted position. Triathlon supports with driving break-down of strategy elements into roadmaps and actionplans, and with defining organizational changes and structure needed to realize results.



supply chain & Operations Insights




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