Telecommunication is essential for our connected society as more and more products and services become dependent on it, from mobile phones and tablets to manufacturing processes and autonomous vehicles. The increasing number of connected devices and the rapid growth of mobile data put an increasing strain on the telecom infrastructure, while at the same time opening up for new business opportunities.

Product margins have been shrinking and the industry is shifting focus away from equipment sales towards services. As the equipment become more commoditized, differentiating through services become essential to retain margins and sales growth. At the same time, through increased connectivity, new business models are emerging in areas such as logistics, manufacturing and automotive.



examples of HOW WE SUPPORT IN TElecommunications


Market innovation

Help clients identify new business opportunities transcending traditional markets, performing business model pivots and expanding current offerings by moving into new territories .

Technology planning

Implement practices that supports technology development aligned with business objectives and new market developments.

startups & business innovation

Support small to medium sized enterprises at all stages of business from acquiring the right type funding to industrializing products, and steering development efforts from invention to product.




Recent case studies

New business partnerships


Triathlon assisted a telecom startup to expand into the automotive industry, utilizing our cross-industry network of contacts to initiate a long-term business partnership. By setting up workshops with key persons and performing customer interviews, we identified several business opportunities and connected the client’s current technology to the automotive industry's specific requirements.

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