Innovation - by chance or habit?

22 Oct, 2019

Staying ahead of competition in today’s accelerating business landscape requires strong innovation capabilities able to deliver novelty effectively. New prerequisites and requirements, such as an ever-increasing ratio of software content in products and the need to deliver customized features in a fast pace, create opportunities but also challenges and the players that can cope with this new situation best will profit.

This newsletter will describe some of the main opportunities and challenges that companies are facing and point out how implementation of appropriate structures and ways of working support companies to improve innovation. The newsletter emphasizes the importance of frameworks and a distinction between incremental and radical innovation to enable the full range of innovation.

Triathlon has identified how organizations build innovation capabilities by utilizing new frameworks to enable and strengthen both incremental and radical innovation. Ensuring a good fit with both strategy and need is key when selecting framework, and when done successfully, companies can enjoy substantial competitive advantages.

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