Triathlon Update Q4 2020

14 Dec, 2020

The final Triathlon Update of 2020 covers how 5G unlocks new business opportunities beyond connectivity, while enterprises struggle to identify value in the technology. One strategy does not fit all, which is why it is important to understand where to play and how to win with 5G.

The Update also presents insights on trends in B2B sales after an extraordinary year where several industries have experienced a demand crisis while others have more than doubled their sales. Triathlon Group has selected four trends that are expected to go beyond 2020.

Our planet faces great challenges to meet the Paris Agreement of a global warming below 2°. The Update highlights companies’ responsibility in the world’s CO2 emissions and the tool of Internal Carbon Pricing. However, carbon pricing is a major challenge that affects both the organization and the supply chain, meaning that ensuring compliance is a great challenge.

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